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The Air Roller Is Very Easy To Use.
How to attach the Air Roller

Step 1) Before using the Air Roller, ensure that covers are laid out over the wicket block and pegged as normal.

Step  2) up the deflated Air Roller in-line with edge of the cover that is to be rolled from. Then attach the Air Roller to the ground cover using the clips.

Step  3) Attach the clips to the cover's eyelets making sure the clips are spaced every 3m along the cover.

How To inflate the Air Roller

Step 1) In order to inflate the Air Roller it is recommended that you use a petrol blower

Step  2) Remove the screwed caps to allow inflation.

Step  3) Place the blower inside the exposed valve to inflate - Inflation should take around one minute

Step  4) When the Air Roller is near full capacity, re position the blower to outside of the valve so that the Air Roller can be completely filled with air.

Step  5) Moving the blower to the valve entrance of the Air Roller prevents it from vibrating and losing air. 

Step 6)  Once inflation complete, replace the cap over the valve and screw hand-tight

Removing wicket covers from the wicket block.

Step 1 )Firstly un-peg the cover at the Air Roller  end. Place the edge of the cover underneath and in line with the Air Roller.

Step  2) Commence a gradual roll and un-peg the Air Roller as you go. Continue the roll and un-peg until finished.

Step  3) The Air Roller can be stored at wicket block edge if working on the wicket block or on the boundary for storage if a game is in play.

Installing the covers onto the wicket block.

Step 1) The process for replacing the covers is called ‘Peg & Roll’ Complete this process until the entire cover is down.

Step  2) Re positioning of the cover and tension control can be made during ‘roll and peg’ or when the cover is completely down. This ensures no wind gets under the covers unlike picture on the left.

Storing the Air Roller when not in use.

Step 1) The Air Roller can be moved to the boundary fence when not in use. The Air Roller can be deflated quickly enabling it to be stored neatly against the boundary fence..  The Air Roller can also be reflated  with cover wrapped around them and rolled back out to the field.

Air Roller during play.
Step  1) During play, the Air Roller can rest inside the boundary inflated, ready for players / staff roll back out to the square when needed.
Air Roller During Work

Step  1) Air Roller system is ready to put back onto the Wicket Block whilst work is in progress. Simply roll the Air Roller back out as soon as required.  The Air Roller system can be run east to west which allows any individual pitch to be exposed to work on without removing the entire cover.