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The Air Roller (All Sizes)

Air Roller 10 Meters - Cover Pro NZ

The Air Roller (All Sizes)


Welcome to the Air Roller

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Air Roller is a simple but well designed product. Its new and innovative design significantly reduces the time and manpower needed to remove covers. We believe the Air Roller will be your most valued purchase of the season.

Air Rollers are made on demand for each sale, and take 4 weeks approx to produce and ship once the sale / order has been completed.

Tip: When purchasing an Air Roller it is important you make sure the Air Roller is an extra 2 Meters than the width size of the covers you are using the system with.  This prevents cover over hanging issues since when rolling up the cover, not many can roll a cover perfect in a straight line.

All prices include NZ GST.   


New Zealand manufactured.

1 year warranty from date of sale.

Great long term customer back up and support.

Stabilised polyester PVC paste coating for long service life.

High gloss rowacryl protective finish.

And handle hot & cold weather conditions.

Can also be made to your own required length. 

Usage Instructions:

Suitable for hot air.

Do not use against flames.

Contact with organic solvents, halogens or highly acidic substances, sharp objects may reduce the service life of the fabric and void the warranty.

Keep the plastic lid on the plastic valve of the air roller always.

Keep the plastic valve and lid away from long term direct sun light. (Place the ends of deflated air roller, and valve under the covers when not in use)

The Air Roller is provided with the following:

Bridle - The bridle strapping connects to the Air Roller, and the covers clip onto the bridle to make every thing secure.

Carbiner Connecters - Clips Connect the covers to the Air Roller bridle.

Bungee Cords - Secures the rolled up cover on the Air Roller to stop un-ravelling.

Our Air Roller accessories can also be purchased to allow you to enjoy the benefits of your Air Roller for the long term. We provide simple to use repair kits, replacement parts.